4 Easy tricks to lose weight quickly

Lose weight quickly quickly with easy tips

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People with a bit of common sense know that you need to pay special attention to diet during weight loss, and you must not overeating. However, some people can’t control their mouths during weight loss and can’t help eating more when they see some delicacies. So what are the remedies to lose weight quickly after eating a big meal? Let’s follow along to find out!

Remedies to lose weight quickly after eating a big meal:



Meals plan to lose weight quickly

Try to arrange the big meal at noon

If you arrange a large meal in the evening, the metabolism is slow in the evening, and the calories intake is most likely to be converted into fat.

At noon, people have more physical activity, faster metabolism, and easy consumption of calories. This is the most suitable time for large meals.


Fasting to lose weight


Take a light fast once a week

A large meal is arranged every week, and you can have a light fast on the weekend to help detoxify and lose weight.

The specific method is to find one of the days of the weekend, not to eat staple food, eat only fruits or vegetables and control the amount of fruits and vegetables.


Chew food slowly for weight loss


Chew slowly when eating large meals

Human satiety is only produced after the brain perceives it. The editor here must distinguish with everyone the two concepts of full stomach and brain fullness.

When a person’s stomach is full, it will send a signal to the brain. When the brain perceives the “fullness” message, people will feel full and stop eating.

However, the delivery of messages takes time. It usually takes 20 minutes for the brain to perceive “full” information. Therefore, people should eat slowly and eat a meal for more than 20 minutes.

healthy food


Adjust the order of meals

Drink a glass of water or eat some fruits 30 to 60 minutes before meals. Drink soup first, then vegetables, then meat, and finally the staple food.

This order of meals can enhance satiety and reduce calorie intake. Because fruits, soups, and vegetables are low in calories, eating priority can reduce the amount of high-calorie foods that follow.

The above mainly introduces the remedies to lose weight after eating a large meal. I hope that obese people who inadvertently eat a large meal during the process of losing weight can take the above remedies immediately.

As long as everyone can remedy in time, they can still avoid accumulation on the body. A lot of fat, so you can see a good weight loss effect.

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Written by Mario Jonger

Mario is a psychologist with experience in a wide variety of areas including mood-related difficulties, anxiety, psychosis, trauma. He enjoys writing about different topics including health and fitness.

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