The Benefits of Artemisia

The magical herb that could save your day


The wormwood (Artemisia) herb contains many beneficial substances for the body, including santonin, cineole, and artemisinin.

We present to you the Benefits of Artemisia also known as wormwood as well as the possible harms in case you misuse it.


Main Benefits of Artemisia:

Treats diseases of the digestive system.

Treats constipation and diarrhea.

One of the treatments for colic and gastrointestinal spasms.

A plant repellent for stomach worms.

Relieves or reduces persistent vomiting.

Wormwood is one of the substances that stimulate the production and secretion of gastric juice.

It is used to treat some back pain.

Artemisia contributes to the treatment of arthritis.

It is one of the appropriate solutions for women who suffer from delayed menstruation, as it facilitates the descent of the period.

Contributes to relieving convulsions in children, and epilepsy.

Of the treatments used in the treatment of neurasthenia.

It is considered one of the natural sedatives.


repair hair with artemisia

Wormwood benefits for hair

Artemisia contains tar, which is used to prevent hair loss. Wormwood leaves are soaked in water for a period of up to a day, then the hair is washed with soaked water and left for about an hour, then rinsed with soap and water.

Treats alopecia

A few wormwood leaves are brought and burned, then washed, and the water falling from the leaves is taken. You will find the water in black, and put it on the place of injury.

Wormwood plants have a lot of proteins that increase hair density and prevent baldness or sudden hair loss.


artemisia side effects

Wormwood side effects


Eating wormwood directly through the mouth causes muscular atrophy, insomnia, nightmares and difficulty sleeping, vomiting, dizziness, thirst, urinary retention, numbness of the extremities, heart rate disturbance, and its use topically on the skin may cause redness and burns.

People with stomach ulcers are advised to avoid eating wormwood.

It is advised not to take it excessively as you can not achieve full benefits of Artemisia just by exaggerating.

Taking wormwood oil may cause kidney failure.

It is advised not to take wormwood for a long and continuous period, as this may lead to nausea or insomnia.

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Written by Mario Jonger

Mario is a psychologist with experience in a wide variety of areas including mood-related difficulties, anxiety, psychosis, trauma. He enjoys writing about different topics including health and fitness.

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