Shane Q weight loss

What was Shane Q’s secret to lose weight

shane q weight loss

Who’s Shane Q?

Shane Q weight loss was inspiring to so many people as it shows the dedication and gut to change your life for good.

Shane Q was born in Sacramento in 1990 ,he gets his musical talents from his dad, who gigs with his  uncle and tunes pianos for a living.

He was painfully shy growing up, but music eventually helped him come out of his shell. He was involved in the school choir, but only as the saxophone and drums player.

He didn’t start singing until his teacher caught him singing along one day and urged him to join the choir. He began to feel more confident and started gigging and posting videos online.

Shane is currently a minivan driver for United Cerebral Palsy and gigs on the weekends.

Shane Q weight loss

You probably noticed that Shane was overweight during all his performances at the VOICE, however he seemed to work his butt off and decided to loose weight, with that being said Shane has to strictly follow these steps to achieve his life’s dream.

Here are the main tips to achieve Shane Q weight loss:

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