How to get bigger arms quickly

Increase size and strength of your arms

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Big chest muscles, split abs and big arm muscles! Mostly this is what most people want to get, and also the big shoulder and the wide back are the most impressive in the body, and our talk today is how to get huge arm muscles.

Common mistakes you should avoid 

First, you must know the mistakes that may hinder the increase in the size of your arms, and the biggest of these mistakes are the following:

Doing Biceps Curls and Triceps Extensions in a Large Number

In order to get large arm muscles, you should avoid doing this habit of exercising if you are a beginner, as it may be useful to you if you are only advanced in the exercise.

Neglecting squats and deadlifts

In order to build a huge total muscle mass, you need to pay attention to squats and deadlifts and increase exercise weights with them. These compound exercises are the basis for getting strong muscles.

Neglecting other body muscles

Doing this habit makes your body inconsistent, as your arms are larger than the rest of the body’s muscles, and this is the opposite of the harmonious nature of human growth that God Almighty created us with.

Now the question is how do you get bigger arm muscles?

Second, here are the most important steps that if you follow, you will get huge arm muscles.

Lose weight

You will not get huge arm muscles if you are underweight, regardless of the type of exercise or weights you exercise, so you must first increase your muscle mass in general.

Increasing the amount of calories

If you want to get bigger arm muscles, you should increase the amount of calories you eat during the day, try to have no less than 3000 calories per day and divide it into at least 4 meals.

Increase your weights in strength exercises

Strength exercises such as squats and deadlifts help you improve your metabolic rate, improve your hormones and testosterone and thus significantly increase your overall muscle mass.

Get enough rest

Your muscles grow during the rest period, so you should give your arms plenty of rest, especially after strenuous exercises.

Follow the 5 x 5 method

Which is to choose the biceps and triceps exercises, and do 5 repetitions with intense concentration for each exercise without stopping or resting.

Tips and advises

Pay attention to the bar row exercise, as it is one of the most important exercises that help you get huge biceps muscles because it works on all corners of the biceps muscle.
Pay attention to the bench press, this exercise works seriously on the triceps muscles and on all their heads, thus getting bigger triceps muscles, never neglect this exercise
Pay attention to deadlift exercises, as they work on most of the arm muscles, especially the forearm and the wrist, and thus help you get huge arm muscles.

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