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biceps exercises

What are best biceps home workout?

Implementation of training at home is one of the practices that has seen a huge boom, especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, where we have had to stay for about three months in our homes. However, before this time, there were already many people who chose to exercise at home.

There are countless routines adapted to exercises at home. Today we will see some exercises that we can do to tone the biceps at home.

The biceps muscle consists of two heads: the short head and the long head. It is one of the three muscles located in the anterior part of the arm, the brachioradialis, coracoid brachii, and biceps.

The biceps muscle receives its nerve supply via the musculocutaneous nerve. Despite the smallness of this muscle, it receives great attention in gyms.

For bodybuilders, next to it are the chest muscles, deltoid muscle and the triangular muscle. The biceps muscle is attached to the bones of the arm by connective tissue called tendons.

Their function is to balance the shoulder joints and bend the arms at the elbows. Here are the best biceps home workout :

The most important biceps exercises

Dumbbell exercises for biceps


Dumbbell exercise

The exercise is done by holding the dumbbells with your hands and shoulder width apart, while standing straight with your feet shoulder width apart.

Then bend your arms to raise the dumbbells to your shoulders, squeezing the biceps, then bring the arms down.

The exercise can be done from sitting and is a safer method than standing. The exercise is repeated 20 times in two sets and its the easiest exercise you can do at home.

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