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The secret to get six pack

six pack

Abdominal muscles can be said to be what everyone yearns for. Both men and women want to have six pack abs, highlighting the mermaid line and vest line.

Seeing other people’s sexy abs, I always feel envy, jealous and hate. Why do I train hard, but still can’t have abs?

But is the abdominal muscles really so easy to reveal? In addition to the time, intensity and quality of exercise, the abdominal muscles also need to pay attention to their own diet.

Abdominal muscles are “eaten”. As long as you pay attention to your diet and exercise to reduce your body fat, your abdominal muscles will be revealed, but it often requires considerable effort, time and patience.

The reason is simple. A simple grease brushing plan will take at least two months to see obvious results.

Fat and protein cannot be changed in a short period of time. Weight fluctuations in a short period of time are often due to the loss of a large amount of water.

Get six pack easily

So how can we expose the abdominal muscles?

Control your own diet

The important reason why it is difficult to lose weight with exercise is not controlling your diet. Take running as an example, the calories consumed by running for 40 minutes can be perfectly offset by a can of Coke.

If you eat more other foods, you will easily have excess calories, which is why you have lost all your previous efforts.

control your diet to achieve six pack


Do more systemic aerobic training

Why do I need to train my abdominal muscles and do a systemic aerobic training to lose weight? An important point of knowledge you need to master is that there is no partial weight loss method in this world.

Fat is distributed everywhere in the body, and the consumption is systemic, and it is usually difficult to find obvious changes in the early stage of abdominal fat.

Therefore, you must stick to it. Only by insisting on sufficient aerobic training can your body fat be reduced. The important condition for the exposure of abdominal muscles is lower body fat.

aerobic exercises for six path


So you can have abdominal muscles just by being hungry?

In fact, this statement is correct in a sense, but you need to ensure your health and avoid excessive dieting.

And to lose fat successfully, this is the purpose of diet control.

Okay, then daily running training plus controlling your own diet, isn’t it all right?

Without partial weight loss, there is no need to focus on core abdominal muscle training!

In fact, this is also wrong. Focusing on core strength training can make you have more perfect abdominal muscles.

The abdominal muscles that have been thinned by starvation do not have the corresponding thickness and latitude at all, and even the connecting strips are not outstanding.

Therefore, you must do a few more sets of similar abdominal curls to feel the soreness of the abdomen as much as possible. Moreover, this kind of breaking the routine training can help the body consume more calories and not be adapted to the body.

My advice to you is: control your diet, do systemic aerobic training regularly, and use your life’s fragmentary time to do some focused training such as abdominal crunching.

six path shortcut


Is core training really easy?

Some friends think that curling abdomen means that the abdomen needs to be contracted and that the shoulders are off the ground.

This is true, but I find that many friends become very impatient when they are exhausted.

In order to achieve the goal every time: leveraging the force of the hand, using the force from the ground, using gravity to quickly lower the body .

These are all very wrong. For exercises such as abdominal crunching, resistance training must be done. Don’t simply measure your training intensity by the number of times.

Rather, it should be measured by whether you can feel the fever, soreness, and contraction of the abdominal muscles every time. One valuable training is worth ten meaningless attempts.



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Written by Christine Alfonso

Christine is a magazine feature writer, and author. After spending a decade and a half covering Fashion and music industries, Alfonso split her time between writing about technology, adventure and covering health topics for a variety of outlets.

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