What is the original vitamin K2? here are 3 important functions of vitamin K2!

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Most people have never heard of vitamin K, let alone pay attention to whether the intake is sufficient in daily life. But vitamin K actually has an important function for our physical health, especially the prevention of chronic diseases. Let us now understand the role of vitamin K together!

In the early 20th century, a dentist named Weston Price discovered “a mysterious nutrient” that can help blood clot and prevent tooth decay and chronic diseases. At that time, the dentist gave this nutrient a cool name: “X Activator”, which is also the origin of vitamin K.

Is there a point for vitamin K? 

Animal source: Vitamin K2, mainly from animals or fermented foods. Vitamin K in our body is generally K2.

Plant source: Vitamin K1, mainly found in plants, but less beneficial to the human body.

How to eat vitamin K? Important points for daily intake of vitamin K! Animal fat can’t be less

Vitamin K effect 1: can avoid heart disease

One of the predisposing factors of heart disease is the blood calcium concentration accumulated in the heart arteries. Vitamin K can prevent calcium from accumulating in heart arteries and reduce blood calcium concentration.

Studies have shown that people who take high doses of vitamin K for a long time can reduce the risk of arterial calcification by 52% and the risk of heart disease by 57%. Daily intake of 10 mg of vitamin K can reduce the risk of heart disease by 9%.

Vitamin K effect 2: can reduce the chance of osteoporosis and improve bone health

“Osteoporosis” is particularly prevalent in menopausal women, and it will increase the probability of fracture. It is a problem that middle-aged and elderly women need to pay attention to. Vitamin K has a good regulating effect on “calcium” and is also a common vitamin in bones and teeth.

How does vitamin K strengthen calcium? First of all, vitamin K wakes up two different proteins, matrix GLA protein (MGP) and osteocalcin (osteocalcin), and these two proteins are responsible for consolidating calcium in bones, so that We stay away from loose bones.

A study on “osteoporosis” in menopausal women found that intake of vitamin K2 can delay the rate of calcium loss from bones, thereby slowing down osteoporosis. Many studies have shown that vitamin K intake is highly positively correlated with bone health and can reduce the risk of fractures.

The Japanese government has adopted the results of a large number of scientific studies to promote the statement that “vitamin K can prevent and slow down osteoporosis,” making vitamin K gradually become a nutrient emphasized in the Japanese diet.

Vitamin K effect 3: may improve dental health

In teeth, one of the main regulatory proteins is “osteocalcin”, and osteocalcin can be activated by vitamin K2. Osteocalcin can simulate the growth of dentin, and dentin is also the calcification group under the tooth enamel. In addition to vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin D also contribute to dental health. Although many people believe that vitamin K is beneficial to the health of teeth, there is still a lack of support from human clinical trials.

How to eat vitamin K? Important points for daily intake of vitamin K! Animal fat can’t be less

I just mentioned that vitamin K2 is the main nutrient in the body, but vitamin K1 can’t help much.

It is a pity that God is not beautiful, it is easy to take vitamin K1 in the diet, but vitamin K2 is not so easy!

Vitamin K2 is mostly found in animal fats, such as whole milk, beef, egg yolks or offal foods. In addition to animal sources, vitamin K also appears in fermented foods, such as natto or kimchi, but modern life does not consume large amounts of these fermented foods.

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