69 nutrition experts voted for the “six healthiest foods”, but the results were a bit shocking…

With more food, it is difficult to choose. Some people say, follow the feeling; others say, follow the season. In any case, it makes sense, but what to choose to eat is still very confused. Let’s not make sense this time, just walk around the table of nutrition experts to see which foods the experts prefer.

Selection method:

A total of 69 members of the Nutrition Expert Committee participated in this survey, all of whom were directors of the Nutrition Department of the top three hospitals and well-known nutrition experts.

The survey divided the food varieties into six major categories according to demand, namely fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, aquatic products and flowers.

In each category, 10 nutrition experts were invited to participate, and the “your favorite” foods were recommended in the form of questionnaires (multiple choices). Finally, based on the ratio of food recommendations, the six favorite foods of nutrition experts were selected.

1. Favorite fruit : apple

Recommended reason: intestinal care, decompression, easy storage, more ways to eat

Apple’s rich dietary fiber and organic acids can make stool soft; apples are also rich in potassium, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure caused by excessive sodium intake; apples can be eaten in many ways, raw, cooked, or made into apple puree .

2. Grain favorite: oats

Recommended reason: laxative, beneficial for weight loss, suitable for “three highs”

Oats surpassed millet by a small margin and became the most recommended cereal variety by experts. The nutrition of oatmeal is not the strongest, but it is very easy to cook. Long-term consumption can effectively lower cholesterol and blood sugar, improve blood circulation, relieve stress, and help lax.

3. Bean favorite: soybean

Recommended reason: family needs, delicious and not expensive

Soy is a food that the whole family needs. It is rich in high-quality plant protein, soy flavonoids, etc., suitable for the elderly suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease; it also contains a large amount of iron, which is beneficial to the development of children; the phytoestrogens in soybeans can regulate the hormone levels in menopausal women; It also has certain benefits in preventing male prostate disease.

4. Vegetable favorite: radish

Recommended reason: raw food to promote Qi, cooked food smoothly

It is said that “100 vegetables are not as good as cabbage”, but this survey found that radish is the favorite of experts. The whole body of radish is a treasure: white radish seeds are raspberry seeds, which can eliminate bloating, reduce qi and reduce phlegm; the nutrient content of radish leaves and radish skin is even higher than that of radish meat. Radish also has the effects of preventing cancer, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lowering lipids, and stabilizing blood pressure.

5. Aquatic favorite: cod

Recommended reason: low fat, high protein, and moderate price

Compared with freshwater fish, marine fish are rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids that are not found in land plants and animals. Among marine fish, most experts recommend cod. Because the fat content of cod is particularly low, only 0.5% (the fat content of salmon is 7.8%). And the protein is very high, accounting for 16.8%, which is higher than salmon, pomfret and hairtail.

6. Flower favorite: chrysanthemum

Recommended reason: the representative of fragrant fragrance, heat dissipation, “gentleman”

“Protecting liver”, “improving eyesight” and “clearing heart” are the most commonly used words in the evaluation of chrysanthemum by nutrition experts. Chrysanthemum can be eaten for wind-heat, cold, headache, dizziness, red eyes, swelling and pain, and dizziness. Chrysanthemum is also good for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension.

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